7 Quick Desserts To Make With Bread

We’ve all been at that point when a sudden craving for something sweet takes over and we feel like we could binge on every single mithai. The chef inside you – that is usually in a long deep slumber – arises to save the occasion and you march towards the kitchen to make a classic homemade dessert. But as you open the kitchen pantry, you realise that you don’t have enough ingredients to make a dessert. What do you do? Well, don’t give up yet, because we found out that there is one versatile ingredient that you can use to create various desserts without putting in any extra effort, and that ingredient is bread. Yes, you read that right! Our breakfast favourite soft milk bread can actually turn pretty delicious and decadent once soaked in saffron milk, dipped in sugar syrup, fried in ghee and dry fruits and many other ways.

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So, whenever you are in a mood for something sweet and quick, get that packet of bread out and get cooking.

Here Are 7 Quick Desserts To Make With Bread As A substitute:

1. Bread Gulab Jamun :

No matter you like your Gulab Jamun hot or cold, extra sweet or with mild flavours of rose, this homemade bread Gulab Jamun will tick all your boxes. Make this easy and quick recipe today, click here for the details.

Make these easy and juicy Gulab Jamun at home 

2. Bread Cream Roll :

A crispy sweet snack that the adults will love as much as the children, this bread cream roll is so easy to make that you will find yourself making this every other day. Instead of using cream, you may turn to a healthier alternative – use hung curd and icing sugar, bake the rolls with some butter and enjoy. Read the recipe here.

3. Double Ka Meetha :

An easy dessert where all you need to do is fry the bread pieces and boil some saffron milk. Spread the saffron milk, chashni and fried bread on a tray and bake it to perfection. Read the step-by-step recipe here.

bread pudding recipe

Double ka Meetha is an easy and quick dessert that you can make today 

4. Bread Halwa :

This easy to make dessert with chopped nuts and flavours of ghee spells indulgence. Add a kiwi puree for an exciting sweet and tangy twist to your halwa. Read the detailed recipe here.

5. Bread Rasmalai :

This is perfect for when you are in the mood for something unique, decadent and easy. Saffron milk, barfi, nuts and the crunchy fried bread make a drool-worthy combination. Click here for the detailed recipe.


Rasmalai is one of the favourite Indian sweet treats 

6. Khubani Ka Shahi Tukda :

Why stop at the regular shahi tukda when you can give it a royal touch by making it with khubani (Apricot). This recipe makes just the best warm, gooey, and decadent dessert you can end your meals with. The flavours of apricot sandwiched between the bread help take it to the next level. Read the detailed recipe here.

7. Bread And Butter Pudding :

Soft and juicy, this bread pudding is just the right dessert to whip up quickly when guests come unannounced or you have a sudden craving for something sweet. The flavours of raisins, vanilla and marmalade make every single one of them a slice of heaven. Read the recipe here.

bread puddingSoft and delicious, this bread pudding is a must-try

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There you go, these are some of the delicious and easy desserts you can make with bread as a substitute. Which one are you most eager to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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