Coronavirus Live News: Deja vu? Omicron variant and the unending anxiety of new lockdowns

Security guards block an exit as they directs people to scan a QR code to track their health status at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, following new cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Shanghai. (Reuters photo)

Coronavirus Cases in India Today, Coronavirus Statistics India Live Updates, Coronavirus New Variant Omicron News: Is it 2019? Is it 2020? Is it 2021? Coronavirus pandemic has given us a sense of time warp. An unending cycle of restrictions is in news again. So, if you are getting a sense of déjà vu after reading about the Omicron Covid variant, you are not alone. In India, while there is no case of Omicron infection as of now, local authorities are exercising caution. From genome sequencing to mandatory quarantine to RT-PCR tests, local authorities in Mumbai, Gujarat and Karnataka have announced a slew of measures to make sure that the Omnicron variant doesn’t make any inroads in India. World over, from the US to Australia, nations are imposing new restrictions. This may also impact the economic resurgence of the global economy. Friday’s mayhem in world trade markets shows how precarious the situation is. The only correct path is to toughen the mask discipline and understand the importance of social distancing.

Here are the latest Covid updates from India and around the world.

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