How to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify

Spotify allows you to not just listen to your music by streaming it, but also make music listening an interactive experience with your buddies with features like Group Sessions. Spotify also lets you and your friends make a playlist together with its Collaborative Playlists feature.

The new feature lets you “team up” with your friends to create a playlist together that each one of you can edit, shuffle and add songs to or remove songs from. Users can also see who is contributing to the playlist and each song features the avatar of the user who added it to the playlist next to it.

How to start a Spotify collaborative playlist

To start a Spotify collaborative playlist on your smartphone, navigate to the Spotify Library and Tap on Playlists. Here create a new playlist or enter an existing one and tap on the ‘Add User’ button. Choose to make the playlist collaborative and share it with your friends.

On Desktop, you can open Spotify and right click on a playlist in the left panel. Choose the Collaborative Playlist option and share it with your friends.

Note that only those who create a playlist will be able to add more users to collaborate on it. Other users will only be able to interact with the tracks in it.

Use with Spotify’s Group Session

The feature will go well with Spotify’s Group Session feature that lets you and your buddies listen to songs together remotely, with one device controlling playback on all users’ devices. Here’s how you can group sessions.

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