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There is no denying the fact that a plate of good cheesy pasta is all we crave as soon as we think of dining out. From exploring new restaurants in the city to dinner at our favorite local café, it’s become one of those dishes that we easily settle down on almost every single time. But, our love for the delicious treat goes much beyond restaurants and it is also one of the most loved homemade recipes in today’s time, adults and kids alike will finish up a plate of homemade pasta in minutes. So, we thought why not give you a variation of the pasta recipe which is quick to make, is tangy and tantalizing and is going to be a great addition in your easy pasta recipes list, and it is called – Pasta With Tangy Tomato Sauce.

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If you are trying to decode what intricate recipes and ingredients this simple name could be hiding, don’t. Because this recipe is just what the name says it is – a simple pasta recipe made in a tangy and thick homemade tomato sauce. The boiled pasta is cooked in tomato sauce made by blending boiled tomatoes together, you can add some veggies like mushroom and capsicum to enhance the taste if you like, sprinkle some basic Italian herbs, a handful of basil leaves, and your delicious treat is ready to be served. It is so easy and delicious that you’ll end up making this every other day. You can either add more veggies or skip them totally if you want, you can sprinkle some grated cheese or extra chili flakes to make It spicy, the dish will taste just as good with any variation you make. Read the easy recipe here:

Pastas are widely loved dish that almost everyone enjoys making too

How To Make Pasta With Tangy Tomato Sauce l Pasta With Tangy Tomato Sauce Recipe:

Boil the pasta you are using according to the instructions on the packet and keep it aside. Now cut the tomatoes in half and blanch them until soft. Take these tomatoes, add ginger and make a smooth paste. Strain and cook this in a pan with other dried spices.

In another pan lightly sauté your veggies and then add to the tomato sauce, also add the boiled pasta and seasoning, garnish with basil leaves and serve. For the detailed recipe, check the header section.

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Try making this tangy pasta recipe today and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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